We Know What Marketers Are Scared Of.

Published 28th November 2016 by Joey Shaddock

We asked 400 marketers from all over the marketing landscape what scares them the most about digital, in a bid to find out what is keeping the marketing industry up at night. Here’s what we found out:

Marketer’s Top Fears

  1. Data security
  2. Programmatic
  3. General digital life: everything from social media fails, to their grandma discovering cat videos
  4. Ad Blocking/Viewability
  5. Falling behind in their digital knowledge

Around one third of marketers name understanding specific channels or processes as their biggest digital fear. The topics scaring marketers the most? Programmatic, viewability and SEO. Acronyms were also a popular choice giving us one possible explanation for why over 50% of marketers who named a scary specific process said it was programmatic that chilled their bones.

Shockingly, despite all the programmatic and viewability terror, only 9% listed keeping up with the pace of digital change as their big fear!

Our research confirms the existence of a capability gap within marketing: one third of marketers think not understanding a digital process is the scariest thing about digital. Too often we expect modern marketers to have all the answers but as processes and channels develop faster and faster, empowering teams to continually learn is the surest way to vanquish these digital fears on a longer term basis.

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