We asked 400 marketers what scares them about a digital future because we wanted to know exactly what marketers worry about in the face of huge transformation within marketing and media.

Key Findings

  • The majority of marketers are worried about their level of digital knowledge.
  • 34% said a digital process or channel was their biggest fear.
  • 9% said specifically that keeping up with the pace of digital change was the scariest thing about digital.

Marketing capability was clearly a big concern amongst individual marketers in 2016. Whether it’s just one channel that strikes fear into their hearts or the idea that the pace of digital change is rapidly going to overwhelm them, the marketing industry at large needs to start addressing these fears.

‘Scary’ Digital as a Consumer

Surprisingly, marketers are just as concerned with their digital experience as consumers, as they are by digital affecting their jobs. Over 30% said that concerns about data security or their life online were what scared them the most. These included everything from the most serious implications of someone accessing their photos or bank account without their permission to the less dramatic, like their grandma discovering cat videos.

Channel Breakdown

The majority of marketers we spoke to named a specific channel or process as their biggest fear, but when it came to specific topics there was a huge variety. The most dominant topics amongst marketers who responded were:


Why So Scary?

Acronyms featured in many explanations as to why Programmatic came out on top, and there were more than a few respondents who asked what questioned what viewability means. This reinforces our anecdotal experience from our learners: that the complicated language of digital and the overuse of buzzwords can undermine marketer’s confidence in their own understanding.

This research proves how important developing a successful marketing training program is. Becoming out of date, or being caught out not understanding a key digital process is what scares marketers the most, and that affects a businesses’ bottom line. If you want to know more about how you can fight your digital fear in 2017, contact us via the form on our website.


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